Residential Snow Plowing



The Preferred Residential Snow Plowing Company In Western Maine

Maine winters can be rough. Hiring the right snow removal company can make all the difference.

Maine Snow Removal has been a leader in residential snow removal services for over 25 years. Looking for sidewalk salting or ice melting? Need help plowing snow or hauling it away? Give us a call and we’ll help make this next Maine winter a breeze.

Snow Plowing & Hauling

We provide 24-hour snow residential removal and salting service to residential properties in both Cumberland County and Oxford County. 

Snowbank Removal

At Maine Snow Removal we understand that there are times that snow can take over your driveway here in Maine. Sometimes to the point that you will need a professional company to come remove it from your property that’s where we come in!

Call us today to get a quote on having the excess snow removed from your property. Which will give you more room to breathe while you are finishing out the long winter season.

Sidewalk & Roof Shoveling

Maine Snow Removal provides professional sidewalk and roof shoveling. We custom tailor the roof snow removal to your home or building.

We have a well-organized system that enables us to provide unmatched sidewalk snow removal and shoveling services to our Lakes Region area clients. 

Find out more about our other snow & ice removal services.